Reduce Redness of Pimples - How to Reduce the Redness in Pimples Quickly

Pimple redness is a common problem with acne. Sometimes acne causes skin swelling along with redness. There are few ways through which you can overcome this problem of acne redness and skin swelling.

Sometimes acne products help a lot to remedy such redness such as Neutrogena and proactive skin care course. They are a bit expensive but they are a good source to control or remove the pimple redness from the face and improve healing the pores. You should go for them if your skin specialist suggests you their use and you are capable of buying them.

\"Face Masks\"

Other than this, a few homeopathic tips are also written here; you can use these tricks at home and get benefit from them. Homemade face masks play a good role in reducing acne redness from face and improving your skin. Make a mixture of water and baking soda and apply it evenly on face, leave for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. It will soothe your skin and prevent redness due to acne. You can even use lemon slices, cucumber slices tomatoes slices to soothe your skin and to avoid redness and skin swelling as it tightens the skin pores and reduce the skin redness. A toothpaste mask also improves the acne problem and reduces the pain and redness caused by the acne.

Reduce Redness of Pimples - How to Reduce the Redness in Pimples Quickly

Wash your face twice a day and give it pat dries after face wash. Do not get it all dry after face wash as it causes dryness and increases skin rashes and redness on face. Apply a face toner that is also suitable to your skin type to keep the skin moisture and fresh. You can even apply scrubs on the face.

You can put an ice bag over your face just fro few minutes to prevent acne redness and skin irritation.

Reduce Redness of Pimples - How to Reduce the Redness in Pimples Quickly

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