How Weight Gain Leads to Snoring

One of the major causes of snoring in modern times is obesity. If you look at obesity, the pandemic is cutting across all nations today due to the sedentary lifestyle and low exercise regimen that have become a bane of modern living. Excess weight gain can be also due to pregnancy, induced post natal weight, side effects of certain medications that tend to effect individuals, inclusion of junk food in regular diet, aerated drinks consumption and high stress levels that lead to a variety of psychological disorders, inducing weight gain by binging.

If you are a few pounds overweight, you might have started snoring. Contrary to usual belief a person who snores is not a heavy sleep, but that is a warning by the body of impending health hazards. Weight gain is not isolated in pockets, but all over the body layers of fatty tissue accumulation starts affecting the heart, compresses the throat region, creating narrow air passages that simulate snoring.

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When you gain weight, you also lose toned muscles! Yes, snoring is a direct consequence of loose muscles of the throat and jaws, which indirectly let the tongue fall back into the throat. This obstructs normal breathing patterns when you are asleep. The constant vibration of the soft tissue in the throat region by the air pressure flowing through the narrow constricted air tracks causes the irritating noise, that we call snores.

How Weight Gain Leads to Snoring

Snorers stand a higher risk of being diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, depression, and sleep apnea, cardiac and sleep deprivation related heath problems that knows no barriers of age, race and nationality.

On a regular day, most people who snore wake up to a headache, caused by low oxygen supply to the brain, dry mouth and throat as you snore through the mouth most times. The constant waking up through out the night does not let you get into REM sleep pattern, considered to be the deep phase of sleep.

Most of the people require 9 hours of sleep to rejuvenate but snorers, who wake up all through the night have issues of sleep deprivation. In most cases, the bed partner also suffers from sleep deprivation due to the constant tossing, coughing and interruptions all through the night.

Mostly sleep deprivation is often ignored as a minor problem. The major symptoms are constant drowsiness, poor alertness, low concentration, low productivity and relationship issues that crop up over time. Sleep apnea is a major concern for those who snore heavily on a regular basis.

However, the extreme stage of sleep apnea occurs when you ignore mild or medium snoring and over time the issue escalates to become a major health hazard. If you are still steps away from becoming a heavy snorer, it is time to take action and look for a good anti snoring remedy. You can choose from anti snoring pills, sprays, nasal strips, mouth guards and a variety of other ways to stop snoring. Part from that you can also refer about your condition with your doctor today.

How Weight Gain Leads to Snoring

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