Homely Faces Are Better Faces

Having a homely face is a blessing to those that know how to use it to their advantage. Rather than be ashamed of their appearance, they display it boldly. The homely face sends a false signal to predators that its wearer is in a weak position and could easily be manipulated. But this is far from the truth. Eleanor Roosevelt had a homely face and she was not a person that could easily be manipulated. She was once our first lady and a leader in the fight to uplift the underdog. But many people especially in the dating game believe that a person with a homely face is soft and can easily be turned into a victim. Men and women who like to take advantage of people that they think are weak will try to date a person with a homely face. They imagine that the person can be used to fulfill their selfish needs. This is not easy to do because the person with the homely face is battle hardened from years of abuse. The potential victim is always aware of the ignorant predator's motives. The person with the less than attractive face can bait them, and the predator will become the person that gets hurt

Many stores bait customers by advertising an item on sale. This is known in the merchandising trade as a leader item. Once in the store customers are attracted to higher priced products and soon forget about why they entered the store in the first place. This might be called trickery but it is legal because the store did not deceive anybody. The advertised low priced item is always available. Only it is displayed as a bait to bargain hungry customers. When a guy searches for a bargain date he looks for a woman with a homely face. It is a cheapskate's way of saving money, but that face could be called a leader item or bait. The bargain hunter many times is lead into an expensive restaurant and winds up picking up an expensive tab. Only afterwards does he realize that he made a costly mistake. A woman that is baited by a guy's homely face will also try to take advantage of him. But a homely faced man has been hurt by so many women that he is ready for her. He will get the best of the evening and wind up in her bedroom. The monetary cost to him will be just the price of his gasoline. She will have learned a lesson about human faces and their meaning

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The person with the attractive face and the luxury store, have a lot in common. They both desperately need you to buy expensive items. The luxury store and attractive person are designed to max out your credit cards and teach you a painful lesson in economics. The attractive man or woman is very demanding and unless a person is ready to become a slave they better stay away. The ordinary person is better off shopping in an affordable store and also dating a less than attractive person. This is the only sensible way to lead a comfortable and happy life.

Homely Faces Are Better Faces

The homely face should be recognized as a face that has endured a lot of unjust treatment. Surveys have shown that homely people have much lower incomes than their counterparts that are attractive. They are last to be hired and first to be fired. Rarely are homely people seen in the media. They are delegated to invisibility. But more than half of the people in the world are homely and they should be openly displayed in the media and hired as quickly as an attractive person.

The fact remains that the attractive face is better to look at. There is no getting away from that. A model that is trying to sell a pair of earrings or a hat will not be successful if homely. It would be wrong to force model agencies to hire women that are less than attractive. The stars of motion picture and television have beautiful faces and nobody would dream of asking the producers to replace them with unattractive ones. The homely face seems to be logically shut out of the commercial world. But this unfair reality can be changed. A new perception of beauty has to be developed in the minds of the public. This can be done by examining human relations in an unbiased way.

The attractive face is not a kind face; it has been proven to be a selfish and unkind one. People with attractive faces have been taught since childhood to believe that they are superior to others and should accept only the best of everything. They are accustomed to getting whatever they want from their proud parents and are therefore programmed not to accept any sort of frustration. An attractive man or woman that is raised in that way will become impossible to live with, unless their partner is willing to become a slave. Many divorces are caused by a pompous spouse that imagines him or herself to be a king or queen. Being baited by an attractive face is a sure remedy for failure in a marriage.

The child with the homely face has not been spoiled. Their parents have treated them not as a super child but as a young growing human being. This is the correct way to bring up a child. Children that are brought up correctly do not have unrealistic expectations and are down to earth. They can easily be communicated with as adults. Having a homely face should be a signal to others that you are a fair person and possibly a kind one. Not one to be taken advantage of. If more people realized that the homely face was the superior one there would be a tremendous change in the way people see each other. No longer would the media be dominated by attractive faces. There will come a day when the attractive face will be seen as pompous and as one covering up an ugly character. The homely face will then become the face of the new leaders in a fairer world.

Homely Faces Are Better Faces

Melvin Polatnick is retired and a single recluse.