Worming Goats - Discover an Organic, Natural Goat Wormer With Many Homestead Uses

Looking for a product for worming goats that is safe, non-toxic, organic and highly effective? How about a natural wormer that can also be used to treat chicken lice, keep water clean, and protect stored grain from flour weevils? The answer is diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized remains of tiny phyto-plankton or diatoms, laid down as marine sediment millions of years ago. While it is totally harmless to mammals and other higher animals (and can even be used as a trace mineral supplement) diatomaceous earth insecticide properties are well established scientifically, and further experiments are confirming its efficacy when used as a goat wormer, for natural sheep worming and organic parasite control in a range of other animals.

\"Face Masks\"

For meat or dairy farming organic certification is not threatened by its use, and there is no withholding period on the produce of animals treated with diatomaceous earth (DE). DE is not even counted as a foreign substance by the United States Department of Agriculture when used in grain for weevil control.

Worming Goats - Discover an Organic, Natural Goat Wormer With Many Homestead Uses

And because its mode of action is physical, chemical resistance is not an issue and there is no need to rotate your wormers as with chemical anthelmintic preparations.

Aside from its usefulness as a natural wormer for worming goats and other livestock, it is also effective as a natural poultry wormer, plus diatomaceous earth insecticide properties make it invaluable to have around the homestead for a myriad of other applications including:

Other Uses for Diatomaceous Earth

• Natural flea killer
• Household insect pest control
• Organic control of grain weevils
• Small hive beetle control
• Organic garden pest control
• Beauty products (e.g. face masks and defoliants)

Warning: These uses apply only to the ultra-fine grade of DE. Swimming pool grade DE is not suitable for the applications described here as it is not only too coarse, but also contains crystalline silica, a respiratory hazard and potential poison.

Worming Goats - Discover an Organic, Natural Goat Wormer With Many Homestead Uses

Permaculture expert Dr Meg Howe is a small farming educator and enthusiast. Visit her website and discover the full story on how to use super-fine quality DE for worming goats and for a myriad of other homestead purposes, or to buy diatomaceous earth.