Fast Acne Relief Using Castor Oil - How to Cure Acne

These days people are coming to realize that over the counter drugs and pharmaceuticals will not help them get rid of their acne scars just as they have hoped for. The fact being that some of these drugs contain chemicals that harm the skin and their general health. One of the most sought after acne cures is the natural remedy because it works wonders and it does not have side effects on the skin and health of the person.

The natural remedy to cure acne is the castor oil. The oil has being very useful for curing various kind of diseases dating back to the days that technology and medical were still almost unthinkable. Before applying castor oil on the surface of the skin, the skin needs to very free of dirt and bacteria. So you need to first wash your face and dry with clean towel or you could use the face scrub that works perfectly on your skin type.

\"Castor Oil For Acne\"

After making sure that the skin is free of dirt and bacteria, you should pour small amount of oil on the your finger tip and apply on the affected areas in a circular motion. If you applying the castor oil on the acne affected are in the morning, you could leave for half an hour before rinsing off with warm water and if you apply at night, just leave on affected area overnight. That's not all, to prevent your skin from drying out after you rinse off the oil, you need to apply a gentle moisturizer.

Fast Acne Relief Using Castor Oil - How to Cure Acne